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XL PERFORMANCE 1v1's & Combines

As part of our continued efforts to assist European based student athletes further their education in the USA whilst pursuing the sport they love, XL Performance hosts university standard combines throughout the UK. All combine results are monitored and added to our extensive database of players and shared within our international network of high school education providers within the USA.

Our competitive events & combines are also an opportunity for older athletes to secure key data for scouting purposes within both the CFL and EFL.


All combines include; laser tracked 40 yard dash - measuring our athletes speed up to the nearest hundredths of a second, vertical jumps, broad jumps as well as position focused drills. Athletes other key metrics will also be recorded.

These events not only act as an opportunity for athletes to compete and showcase their skills in a controlled environment but each year Coach XL will be inviting selected athletes to join our XL athlete pathway program. Here selected athletes will have access to a years free training at our London locations and receive one to one guidance from the XL team.

No upcoming events at the moment
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