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XL Athletes in the USA

Since the conception of XL Performance, we have optimised our firsthand experience within the US high school and college system to benefit our athletes. Through our established international network, we have assisted in securing multiple opportunities our athletes to further their education within the highly competitive US, High School system. Many of whom have gone on to receive division one college offers from some of the countries leading institutions. We also have three XL Performance alumni currently playing within devision one universities.


Bridging the gap between the UK and the US we continue to hold university standard national combines, expanding our database of players which is shared with various higher education providers within the US. These combines include; laser tracked 40 yard dash measuring our athletes speed up to the nearest hundredths of a second, Vertical jumps as well as position focused drills. 

For more information on our next combine day, please click here.

Onis Konanbanny


Onis joined XL Perfomance in the summer of 2020. Relatively new to the sport but what he lacked in coordination he made up for in his thirst to learn and develop his skill set. 


After a year of working closely with Onis as an athlete (whilst he worked hard as a student) we were able to assist him in securing a sports scholarship to Georgia, USA based independent school, Rabun Gap. 


Whilst in the USA Onis has gone from strength to strength both on and off the field. And despite still having two years left of high school education Onis has been fortunate enough to secure more than ten (and counting) scholarship offers from leading academic and sports universities.

Darren Agu

Darren began training with XL Performance in the summer of 2019 shortly after we founded the program.


Driven by his otherworldly work ethic and combined with great athletic ability it was a pleasure to help Darren develop as a player. His efforts allowed him to further his education and play high school football in the USA. Following his high school education he was highly recruited by a number of leading Universities including; Notre Dame, Auburn, Alabama, Penn State, Michigan, Tennessee and Virginia Tech.


Darren subsequently enrolled at Vanderbilt University: A division one university on a football scholarship where he has continued to flourish playing 11 of 12 games in his rookie season.

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